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ALRIGHT, Y'ALL. DRAWING CONTEST. by Rio-Phoenix-1970 ALRIGHT, Y'ALL. DRAWING CONTEST. :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 2 3 Fan Art!! by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Fan Art!! :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 4 6 Link And Muzik - Ship by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Link And Muzik - Ship :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 2 0 Missing! by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Missing! :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 3 MY FEELS by Rio-Phoenix-1970 MY FEELS :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 3
(ChrisXTeddy fan fic)
Chris sat alone in the tree house  looking out over castle rock, the ash from his cigarette falling onto the table. he was expecting Gordie soon, so they could play cards together, read comic books, that sort of stuff that best friends do. the secret knock was suddenly heard on the floor. 
"that must be him" Chris thought, opening the door to let him in.
it wasn't who he expected. it wasn't Gordie at all. it was Teddy. he looked up at Chris with a smug grin. 
"waiting for your boyfriend?" Teddy smirked, teasing him about that accidental kiss that happened between Chris and Gordie a few weeks back. 
"shut up and get in here." Chris sneered, pulling him up by his shirt. 
the two sat across from each other at either ends of the small table. Chris dealed Teddy his cards, and they continued the game. 
" do you feel about today?" Chris asked Teddy, not taking his eyes off his hand of cards.
"whadda mean?" he questioned, looking u
:iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 6
a playful game by Rio-Phoenix-1970 a playful game :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 3 Elijah by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Elijah :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 5 a very colorful character by Rio-Phoenix-1970 a very colorful character :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 6 Ava Caroline by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Ava Caroline :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 10 Lyle by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Lyle :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 0 anyone up for it? by Rio-Phoenix-1970 anyone up for it? :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 0 Loki's Pedo face by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Loki's Pedo face :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 2 In Case You Ever Return... by Rio-Phoenix-1970 In Case You Ever Return... :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 6 Zero by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Zero :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 1 1 Wheatley And Elanore - Portal 2 (Finished!) by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Wheatley And Elanore - Portal 2 (Finished!) :iconrio-phoenix-1970:Rio-Phoenix-1970 0 0


Which is best by KeyaraHedgehog09 Which is best :iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 25 41 Request 2 by floppynoe Request 2 :iconfloppynoe:floppynoe 1 0 Sketches129 by Gotsoul808 Sketches129 :icongotsoul808:Gotsoul808 2 2 Steampunk Pan Jetpack by furinchime Steampunk Pan Jetpack :iconfurinchime:furinchime 198 12 me and mah wife by askGAMZEE-MAKARA-ask me and mah wife :iconaskgamzee-makara-ask:askGAMZEE-MAKARA-ask 15 30 Dia De Los Muertos by fattymuffin Dia De Los Muertos :iconfattymuffin:fattymuffin 14 3 Commission: BlueHecate by forte-girl7 Commission: BlueHecate :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 51 6 Commission: ISugarBee by forte-girl7 Commission: ISugarBee :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 71 5 Pfff- by Ask-Symphony-Kingdom Pfff- :iconask-symphony-kingdom:Ask-Symphony-Kingdom 8 20 Why Won't You Swim With Me? by Tales-of-Haven Why Won't You Swim With Me? :icontales-of-haven:Tales-of-Haven 11 73 Aggie vs Coraline by mbcorp2 Aggie vs Coraline :iconmbcorp2:mbcorp2 24 4 Paranorman Aggie doll by mbcorp2 Paranorman Aggie doll :iconmbcorp2:mbcorp2 17 3 so it is by Futurum-Undam so it is :iconfuturum-undam:Futurum-Undam 7 3 Smurfs perv meme... more or less... by Shini-Smurf
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Smurfs perv meme... more or less... :iconshini-smurf:Shini-Smurf 58 70
because banana by Shini-Smurf
Mature content
because banana :iconshini-smurf:Shini-Smurf 29 51


alright guys! im back up and running with commissions! here's your lovely menu!

Sketches - 4 :points: Paisley - sketch (Sherlock Holmes Character) by Rio-Phoenix-1970  

Pictures painted with SAI - 6 :points: Wheatley And Elanore - Portal 2 (Finished!) by Rio-Phoenix-1970 Malefactor - Finished by Rio-Phoenix-1970   Slender by Rio-Phoenix-1970

Literature - 4 :points: Fallout 3- Hang On, DaddyPrim's fists pounded against the almost sound proof glass door, screaming out for her father. he was on the other side, face to face with Colonel Autumn, his slightly shaking hand set on the control pad of the purifier. he wasn't about to give up his life work to some asshole, who planned to kill just about everyone with it. she had to get him out of there.
"i grow impatient, James" he mutters.
"Just a second" James replies, typing in a code.
Prim needed to get in there. her blood was boiling she wanted to pierce Autumns heart with her own switchblade, she wanted to tie him up, run a good safe distance, then shoot him with a mini nuke, she wanted him to die. she wanted him to leave her father- the closest thing she had- alone. with every touch of the glass, left a bloody hand print,  due to her previous encounter with a couple super mutants. she had just thought of a way to bust through to get to her father, when she was almost knocked off her feet, by a ground shaking explosion.
  The Boy Sherlock Holmes - MalefactorXPaisleya little fan fic i wrote :) enjoy
Paisley ran franticly about the alley ways of the cold, wet, dark london streets. the moonlight being her only substitute for a lantern, she was trying to outrun the shadow that had been chasing her for what felt like miles. she ran quicker, her breath escaping her lips at a faster pace then before. she tipped over garbage cans, crates, and anything to stop the growing figure. she began to slow a little, to steady her breath, when all of a sudden, as if from no where, something had swung out from behind some barrels, taking out her legs from under her, causing her to land in a heap, crashing hard onto the ground. she was about to sit up, when the object that had knocked her over, was inches away from her neck, threatening to push down. to snap her like a twig. to send her to eternal sleep. some of the dim moonlight shone onto the two, granting Paisley the ability to see what was about to silence her. it was a walking stick. long, slender, worn out. a w

One Shots - 3 :points: Under The Willow TreeShinji sat under the tall willow tree, sleeping soundly, as rays of sunlight, as thin as a spider’s thread of web, falls apon his face. Not a sound around him, disturbed his sleep.   Meanwhile, Gin was walking past, through the tall grass, when he spotted Shinji underneath the grand tree.
“He won’t know what hit him” he snickered to himself, starting towards him. When he got there, he noticed an apple sitting beside Shinji, uneaten, untouched. He picked it up with a firm grip and swung up onto a tree branch.
“What goes up, must come down” he smiled, looking at the shining fruit, then down below. He was confused when he noticed his target was missing.
“What? Where’d you-“ his words were cut off by a finger, tapping on his shoulder. He turned slowly, to find Shinji behind him with a slight smile. Gin was startled a little then suddenly lost balance, then fell out of the tree, face first onto the hard ground below. &
  That Feeling“Why don’t we go somewhere? Like, for a walk? N-not as a date, though!” Ken stuttered, his face burning red. Chrome only smiled.
“That would be nice. I’d like that” her sweet smile only led to Ken’s face turn more red. They began to walk anywhere, for they had no set location. Chrome, with a slow movement, took Ken’s hand in hers, and continued walking. He couldn’t help but try not to do anything to ruin this moment, but it was all too much. They walked under a blossom tree as they reached the middle of the park. She turned to him, now holding both his hands.
“Ken, I just have to say, I-“ her words were cut off by his lips pressing against hers cut off her words. He blinked, her face turning more and more red by the moment. He soon fell into the hypnotizing kiss, as he placed his hands on her hips, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Soft blossom petals fell off the branches and down over them. It felt li

Animations/ GIFs - 6 :points: Little Animated Me :3 by Rio-Phoenix-1970

just note me with your order, and i will be glad to serve you! ^^


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Rio Phoenix
Hello There, Fellow Vault Dweller. welcome to my own private oasis of Fallout <3
Also, Portal 2. i friggen love that game. especially Wheatley. and the space core. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!

Have A Nice Stay~

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